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Folder Gluer BOBST Media 100 II (A2)
Year 1997
Solid board : 100 to 600 g/m2
Corrugated : N, F and E flutes
Max. width 1000 mm
Min. width 126 mm
Max. length 600 mm
Min. length 60 mm
Speed up to 360 m/min  
Equipped for straightline and lockbottom
Electronic upper gluing system HHS
lower disc gluing system left
Machine can be seen under power upon request
#19-2001 4 & 6 corner folder gluers


Industrial Folding Carton Gluers

If your company manufactures cartons for shipping, food, retail, or any other type of business, you need folding carton gluers that you can rely on. The BOBST Media 100 II is a conveyor system designed to fold and glue corrugated and solid cardboard at a speed of up to 360 meters per minute.

The electronic system allows you to set the precise type, size, and speed of production you need for efficient and thorough carton folding, and the system is easy-to-use so you can make adjustments whenever you need to.

The BOBST Media 100 II also has vibrators and blowers at the feeder to ensure that everything is aligned properly before the folding and gluing process starts. The press station is pneumatic-controlled, and the folding system includes modules for boxes with automatic bottoms.

SGMSales offers a variety of carton manufacturing equipment, including industrial folding carton gluers, die cutters, foil stampers, and window patch machines. No matter what you need, we can provide it for your shipping department, warehouse, or manufacturing plant.

To learn more about the BOBST Media 100 II, take a look at the photos above. You can also call SGMSales at 772-678-6485 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of our homepage.

BOBST Media 100 II (A2) Click on picture to see additional photos!

BOBST Media 100 II (A2) Click on picture to see additional photos!